FPS drop on depthbitmap with multiple sensors (Unity)


I am trying to work with 3 Astra in one application.
I use the SDK for Unity and have started with the provided example. It works, but while the first sensor delivers a fluid depthbitmap, the second and third one seems sot have like 2 or even one frame per Second. The App FPS is still 60.
the computer as a quite old CPU, intel Core I7 930.
Does the problem comes from the CPU, tue USB controller maybe ? or the code and the way it has been implemented ?

Thanks in advance.

Probably USB controller / hub, are they all plugged into the same hub? You can try plug 1 USB in front 1 in back and see if that works.

That’s exactly what I thought. The computer has 1 USB 3 controller (two ports) and 1 USB 2 controller (8 ports), any configuration , same result. We added an additionnal USB 3 controller (PCI) and it’s worse. We’ll receive another computer next week, I’ll tell you if it works better.
The current computer has an old Intel Core I7 930 CPU, the next one will have Core I7 8xxx CPU.