Gain control for Astra


I’m trying to control gain using the Gain Set V1.1 provided (using Astra sensor). It seems to me that there isn’t any difference when I use settings 0x0008 to 0x0060. What is the range of gain values and why gain control is (possibly) not functioning?



Did you unplug and re-plug the sensor?

Yes, I did. I couldn’t see any difference.
Is it possible to state what should I visually expect when changing gain values please?

For example, gain 0x0008 produces image A, gain 0x0060 produces image B, and so on.


@David another observation re gain is that no matter what setting I apply, tracking somehow fails after 6 metres. I’m sure I read that the max depth is 8 metres.

I have managed to change the IR exposure and gain and the resulting IR image but the behavior is bit random when the values are increased or decreased. Also the “default” gain values with Astra and Astra Mini S seem to be different after the sensor has been plugged.

Is there any reference/documentation available on what the effective IR gain and exposure values are with e.g. Astra and Astra Mini S?

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