Gemini 2 Connection Woes

Hiya. I am not a developer - I am an artist who uses Touchdesigner. I bought the Gemini 2 because I can no longer use Kinect with Touchdesigner on a Mac M1. I have downloaded the ARM Orbbec Viewer, but cannot figure out how to open it to get to the interface. When I try to open the executable file I get this message - Last login: Thu Mar 14 16:45:44 on ttys001

/Users/alecjohnson/Downloads/OrbbecViewer_v1.9.3_202401122344_arm64_release/OrbbecViewer ; exit;

alecjohnson@Alecs-M1-Pro ~ % /Users/alecjohnson/Downloads/OrbbecViewer_v1.9.3_202401122344_arm64_release/OrbbecViewer ; exit;

zsh: exec format error: /Users/alecjohnson/Downloads/OrbbecViewer_v1.9.3_202401122344_arm64_release/OrbbecViewer

Any help would be very much appreciated.

For TouchDesigner, you can contact their support to ask help. For the OrbbecViewer, please confirm you run with sudo and give the app permissions in the system Privacy settings.