Gemini 2 sync pulse characteristics

We’re integrating multiple Gemini 2 depth cams into a system with other imaging cameras, and we’re trying to synchronize capture from all cameras together. I had assumed that, like the imaging cameras, the Gemini 2 would initiate a capture with a single sync pulse. From the Gemini 2 datasheet, it says “Pin_6 / VSYNC_IN / Synchronous trigger signal: Active high, used for the triggering/sync signal from primary device, with a duration of 1 ms.” However, this did not work. So we replicated Orbbec’s Multi-Camera Sync example, using one depth cam to trigger several others, and found that the sync “pulse” was in fact a train of 6 pulses, with 30 ms duration and 50 ms period. When we duplicated this signal with our own hardware, we were able to successfully trigger the cameras; upon further testing, we found that the cameras needed at least 5 pulses to initiate a capture.

This would be fine, except that the sync pulse train is incompatible with the operation of the other imaging cameras, as they will react to each of the 6 subpulses in the sequence as a separate trigger signal. Is there a way, then to configure the cameras to require only a single pulse to trigger?