General Trouble Shooting Guide

Dear Orbbec Developers,

We understand that you are experiencing issues with your camera, and we are here to help. To provide you with the most efficient and accurate technical support, we kindly ask that you provide brief Technical Support Information listed below. This will help us gather all the necessary information to diagnose and resolve your issue promptly.

Your time and effort in providing these details are greatly appreciated and will enable our support team to assist you more effectively. Once we receive your completed information, one of our technical specialists will be in touch to assist you further.

You can send us email or post your questions directly on our 3D Club.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to resolving your camera issue.

Best regards,

Basic Information:

  • Customer Name: (If send by email)
  • Contact Email: (If send by email)
  • Phone Number: (Optional)
  • Company/Organization: (Preferred)

Camera Information:

  • Camera Model:
  • Serial Number:
  • Purchase Date: (Estimation)

Issue Description:

  • Time of the Incident:
  • Error Codes (Highly Preferred):
  • Error Log (Highly Preferred):
  • Screen Shots: (Highly Preferred):
  • Detailed Description of the Issue (Highly Preferred):

Operating Environment:

  • Operating System and Version:
  • Software Used with Camera and Version:
  • Lighting Conditions of the Environment: (if appliable)
  • Operating Temperature Range:
  • Exposure to Impact or Drop: (yes or no)
  • Usage in Humid or Extreme Temperature Conditions: (yes or no)

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

  • Exact Steps Taken When Using the Camera:
  • Is the Issue Reproducible:

Troubleshooting Steps Attempted:

  • Restarting the Camera/Computer:
  • Checking and Reconnecting All Cables:
  • Trying the Camera on a Different Computer:
  • Updating or Reinstalling Drivers/Software:
  • Any Other Troubleshooting Steps Taken: (if appliable)