Getting x,y,z coordinates of body area


I know how to get the body frame:
astra::BodyFrame bodyFrame = frame.get<astra::BodyFrame>();
Can I get the x,y,z coordinates of each pixel in the body frame?
More specifically, I need all the x,y,z coordinates of the identified body (not the skeleton joints, the body area itself).
Or alternatively, can I get the body plane?

I’m writing in C++ .


Hey there, did you solve your issue in the end? Because i kind of need help with it too

HI. I think this is very much possible. You need to tweak little bit with BodyFrame to get all the points that are inside BodyMask.

This is possible under these two conditions…
(int)bodyStatus == 2 || (int)bodyStatus == 3

There is an example related to this issue is “ColorizedBodyViewer-SFML”

You need to play with those data. Because in this example they colorize the bodyMask.

So, It’s very much possible and doable.