Glitches in avatar orbbec astra pro unity

Hello everyone.
I am new to the world of orbbec. I’m working on bodytracking with orbbec astra pro in unity (for windows 10) with Astra SDK 2.0.12.

In scene 3 with the avatar, when it comes to imitating the movements of my skeleton, sometimes the avatar seems possessed (sudden and physically impossible movements).

Does it happen with any avatar or just with this one?

I’m trying to solve this problem. I prefer that the position of the avatar returns to its initial state before it makes a satanic movement.

If anyone knows how to help me, I would be very grateful.


You may want to look at the Nuitrack SDK - it offers better stability under many conditions.

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Correct, it seems that Nuitrack offers more stability with the avatars.

Thank you very much Westa!

Its tracking is better - although foot detection has been an issue in the past for some users.
BUT its licencing is not for everyone - you pay PER SEAT sold.