Hand Gesture and Arm tracking for Unity3D game using Astra Pro

Hi all,

I am working on a bowling type game where user can throw ball with hand movement which is to be detected by Astra 3d camera. The force and direction of the ball will depend on the arm motion of the user. Also, for Menu options i want to use some sort of gesture control to select buttons. I am aware about Gestoos for gesture and Nuitrack for body tracking but their license fee is an issue as Orbbec will also be having a licensing fee after 30th September,2018, So paying three licensing fees for a game is going to get very expensive for us.

I used Orbbec Sdk for Unity with 3 different scenes and it looks pretty good. I believe with what they have shown in those scenes, my requirements can be fulfilled by Orbbec’s unity sdk with little tweaks. But there’s no document regarding their sdk on their website or anywhere else. I will appreciate if anyone here who has knowledge of what is happening in their sdk can direct me where to start.