Hand tracking in Unity

Hello, I have two questions regarding the Unity SDK for the Orbbec Astra:

  • Is there a way to track the user’s hands without the body being completely visible to the camera?
  • Is it possible to track the full body of a person (or multiple persons) if the camera is rotated by 90 degrees?

Thanks in advance!

Yes in theory you can - BUT your results may vary depending on a lot of factors.

The body tracking system currently seems to need to be able at least recognise the HEAD to the WAIST and the hands be at a distance of at least 40cm from the sensor - but 50cm is more likely.

there is also a separate hand tracking system - but it takes a long time to recognise that a hand is in frame ( up to 5 seconds ) and also looses the hand if moved outside the frame and again takes time to relock and often reports other areas as possible hands - so its not idea.

You may want to have a look at the Nuitrack SDK - currently it seems to be much more robust in its tracking and stability.