Head mounting Astra sensor?


For a specific application, I intend to convert the Astra S sensor into a head mounted device. Basically, I want to disassemble and mount the sensor onto a 3D printed platform which can be worn on the head.

Has anyone tried this? More importantly, is this even realistically possible?


I have done similar things with both Primesense/Xtion and Intel Gesture Cams, but I did not need to disassemble them, as I was just mounting them on an HMD (Rift). In such a case you just apply the orientation and position being supplied by the HMD to the camera data to get “real world” data, a simple operation. Without an HMD or similar motion tracker tied to the head/camera, then you can only use the depth data in relation to the local user/camera frame. Good luck!

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I’m keen to use the sensor in a mobile environment also

Sounds amazing. Do you have any pictures of this? I’m trying to visualize the end result and I’m not able to.

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You should consider Astra mini both for the size and the fact that requires no disassembling. No difference from the API point of view.