Help with getting Astra working with opencv

Hey guys,

Is there a clear guide on how I could proceed with getting the Orbbec Astra to be working with opencv? I am using visual studio and would like to obtain the depth map information in cv.

What I currently have:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Astra SDK successfully working
  • Astra windows driver installed
  • AstraOpenNI folder downloaded
  • CMake 3.15.0
  • opencv 4.1.0 from github

What CMake settings do I need to put? When checking WITH_OPENNI2 I get the following options:


For the first two I have included the AstraOpenNI/Include folder and AstraOpenNI/Lib/OpenNI2.lib, but not sure what to put for the others?

Furthermore, my BUILD_LIST is such:

Anything else I would have to add?

Would appreciate your help as I am still new to this :slight_smile: