How to Choose Your Camera? Femto Mega/Bolt/AKDK?

I am writing this guide to hopefully help developers quickly choose the most suitable 3D cameras for their projects. This guide will only cover the Femto Mega/Femto Bolt and AKDK cameras.

First and foremost, I’d like to explain one of the most frequently asked questions: What is the relationship between AKDK and Femto Bolt?

The answer is quite simple: Microsoft discontinued AKDK but decided to continue supporting developers in the 3D vision industry. Femto Bolt is a device we developed together with Microsoft, adopting several key user feedback items, that can provide long-term support.

To get yourself understanding these cameras better, I would suggest you read and distinguish Femto Bolt and AKDK first. We have a detailed document ready for you here:

You can see that the comparison covers multiple aspects, from basic depth performance to RGB image quality. Generally speaking, for the Femto Bolt:


  • Same depth performance as AKDK
  • Better RGB with HDR support
  • Better synchronization when using multiple cameras or lower-end hosts
  • USB lock
  • Smaller form factor


  • No microphone
  • Slightly narrower RGB field of view

Note: The Femto Mega/Bolt uses an extra MCU to control synchronization, allowing it to work better with 4 or more devices.

If you want to learn more about starting a project with the Femto Bolt, please check this link:

What are the differences between the Femto Mega and Femto Bolt? Here are the key pros and cons of the Femto Mega compared to the Bolt:


  • Internal Nvidia compute for depth processing (protects host bandwidth)
  • POE support for long-range data/power
  • IP65 version available (Femto Mega I)


  • No RGB HDR support
  • No USB lock

In conclusion, based on my experience, the Femto Bolt is generally an equal or better alternative to the AKDK. It is also the easiest camera to get started with.

The Femto Mega is the top choice if you need long-distance data/power, have limited host bandwidth, or want to use a cheaper host system.

Note 1: Both Femto Bolt and Femto Mega are authorized to use Microsoft Body Tracking Library for Free.