How to convert colorframe to bitmap using emgu in c#

I use the astra camera and the astradotnotdemo(GitHub - bibigone/AstraDotNetDemo: Simple .Net solution to demonstrate working with Orbbec Astra (Pro) depth sensors from C#)
colorStream = streamReader.GetStream<Astra.ColorStream>();
I add the line, but it is error.
Bitmap bmp = Bitmap.FromStream(colorStream);
how to convert colorstream to bitmap
and I try to write some line as following:
colorframe = frame.GetFrame<Astra.ColorFrame>();
long val= colorframe.ByteLength;
byte[] bytes = new byte[val];
colorframe.CopyData(ref bytes);
MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(bytes);
Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(stream);
Image<Bgr, Byte> imageCV = new Image<Bgr, byte>(bmp); //Image Class from Emgu.CV
Emgu.CV.Mat mat = imageCV.Mat; //This is your Image converted to Mat
But the colorframe can be execute