How to open Femto Mega as a NetDevice in Orbbec SDK for Azure Kinect Sensor SDK?

Hi there, Is it possible to open a FemtoMega as a NetDevice using the Orbbec SDK for Azure Kinect Sensor SDK?
I couldn’t find any function to open a device by specifying its IP.

Or is there a way to convert a device obtained with ob::Context::createNetDevice() to KinectSDK?

Hey @toshinoritakata - did you get an answer to this?
Are you able to open the Femto Mega via IP ?


Hi @oftheo
No, I have not received a response yet.
However, I am able to access Femto Mega via IP and get RGB and depth data.

I think it is not possible to use BodyTrackingSDK for FemtoMega via IP because the access API via network is completely different from Kinect’s API.

This NetDevice sample looks like it only provides the color and depth streams: I’m super curious to see if you get it working on a Mac. I’m looking to purchase one but would really like to use it with a Mac.

I found the description ‘Modify the OrbbecSDKConfig_v1.0.xml to change the value of EnumerateNetDevice from false to true’ on the page titled ‘K4A Access Femto Mega Network Mode’.

By setting this, I was able to confirm that the Azure Kinect SDK can be used with a POE connection.