How to read depth stream using Emgu.CV?

I am using Orbbec Astra Pro, which is attached to my Windows 10 Pro machine. I have installed the drivers (and only the drivers, no AstraSDK, no other frameworks).

The camera shows up within my device manager two times. The first time as “Astra Pro HD Camera” and the second time as “ORBBEC Depth Sensor”, which perfectly makes sense.

I have written a small C# WinForm app using Emgu.CV that lets me create a VideoCapture(0) device and get a color stream from it. So far so good.

But how on earth can I read the depth data stream using Emgu.CV / OpenCV?

I already tried using “VideoaCapture(1)” and so on, also switching the channel “videoCapture.Retrieve(frame, 1)” made no difference.

So how can I access the depth stream? Thanks in advance