How to use ASTRA S with MATLAB


I have recently purchased an ASTR S. However, I cannot figure out how to use it with MATLAB though ORBBEC sales person confirmed me the compatibility with MATLAB before the purchase.

I have written to their technical support team but the engineer came up with a very general answer - “You should use OpenNI as the way to integrate with Matlab to properly setup your camera” and when I requested further details he sent me the Wikipedia link to OpneNI project.

I’m a manufacturing engineering graduate working on industrial robotic applications and therefore, I haven’t dealt with OpenNI before. I would be really grateful if anyone could kindly help me to sort this out ?

In summary, what I want to do is to access depth data and RGB data in MATLAB and this application doesn’t need skeleton tracking or any other sophisticated features.

Thank you.

Hey I got your message, what I do is use OpenNI and C++ to capture the depth images, and analyze them in MATLAB. If you want to access camera data directly from MATLAB
Matlab Wrapper for OpenNI 2.2 - File Exchange - MATLAB Central
make sure to follow the instructions exactly, and use the OpenNI folder provided by Orbbec instead of the master branch. I never done this before but know others who use this wrapper and have done it.

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Thank you so much for your quick response. It would be best if I could access camera data directly from MATLAB. Let me try that. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sorry for getting back to you late. Orbbec is HW supplier thus we cannot provide a lot of training information on Matlab and programing. Even the Matlab wrapper is a 3rd party work which Orbbec cannot interference. However, we will always try our best to help.
It seems that MX already helped you out. If you are working with the robotics, I would suggest you also check the ROS. Based on my personal experience, ROS may be an easier start in robotic industry (comparing to pure Matlab code)

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