How to use OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper


This week I started developing an app with FemtoBolt.

I have already developed a bone tracking app for AzureKinect, but I don’t know how to use the OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper.

What changes would I need to make to my existing AzureKinect app to be able to use FemtoBolt?

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After that, I found that I could change to the application for FemtoBolt by copying (replacing) the following files into the folder of the application for AzureKinect.


Is this a correct usage of OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper?

I solved the problem with the following link.
Thank you.

I have pretty much the same problem.
I woud like to use Azure Body Tracking SDK with my Femto Bolts.
Do you know if there is a native english language version of the instructions provided above?

In our case, we would like to access the Record and Playback part of the K4A library. For the moment we can only access the Sensor part of the library. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Please refer to: Access_AKDK_Application_Software_with_Femto_Bolt.pdf (