I would like to know if you know how to use it as Azure Kinect with femto bolt in TouchDesigner.

I would like to know if you know how to use it as Azure Kinect with femto bolt in TouchDesigner.

We have worked with Derivative to integrate Orbbec camera support into TouchDesigner. Their latest release now supports the Femto Bolt and other Orbbec products. For detailed information or instructions, please visit the official TouchDesigner website.

Hi, Femto Bolt is having lot of issues in Touch Designer when using it as a Kinect Azure, will be great if you can work with Derivative to help fi x this issues, you can read more info here: Several issues after extensive Orbbec Femto Bolt testing - Bugs - TouchDesigner forum I’ve bought a Femto Bolt to use it with Touch Designer and I’m having the same issues that makes it unusable, thanks

I have successfully used FemtoBolt with TouchDesigner, and the performance is consistent with Azure Kinect. However, the driver for FemtoBolt integrated into the latest version of TouchDesigner is outdated, causing some issues. Updating to the latest FemtoBolt driver file should resolve these problems.
FemtoBolt + TD update SDK
TouchDesigner Quick Start

Thank you very much @xuchongyan ! I followed your step by step guide, thanks for it and the youtube video, very useful. Anyway, I still have some lag, not smooth video, only in TouchDesigner when I use the Color or Depth AND the Player Index at the same time with the AzureKinect TOP and AzureKinect Select TOP, it also happens whith the example .TOE you uploaded. What could be causing this problem? I’ve tried it on different windows machines with latest firmware (v1.1.2) and latest TouchDesigner (2023.11760 free). I didn’t have this problem with Kinect Azure before on the same machines. Thanks

You can upgrade FemtoBolt firmware

thanks @xuchongyan , as I commented before, I’ve upgraded the firmware to v1.1.2 and followed the instructions, The ~1 second lag is gone but I still have random stuttering when using the player index and the color or depth image at the same time in TouchDesigner v11760, also in TouchDesigner v11839, is not smooth at all and is unusable for work. Other users have also the same issue. I can do some screen recordings if you need, thanks

@turkodamian I’m not experiencing any noticeable lag or the same issue on my end; could you record a video of your actions and send it to me?