Import errors from the .pyd files in Python?

Hello everyone!

Just received my first Orbbec. After installing all drivers and following the steps in the Readme.txt file I get the error below when trying to run from the command line:

I have checked the system.path and everything seems to be in order:
C:\Users\admin\anaconda3\python.exe “C:/Users/admin/My Drive/Uni Potsdam/CountR/Software/Orbbec/python3.9/Samples/”
[‘C:\Users\admin\My Drive\Uni Potsdam\CountR\Software\Orbbec\python3.9\Samples’, …

I do not have much experience with .pyd files so I do not know what could I be doing wrong.

Any hints?

Short update: tried it in a Linux machine. Followed all steps, similar but different error: