Import errors from the .pyd files in Python?

Hello everyone!

Just received my first Orbbec. After installing all drivers and following the steps in the Readme.txt file I get the error below when trying to run from the command line:

I have checked the system.path and everything seems to be in order:
C:\Users\admin\anaconda3\python.exe “C:/Users/admin/My Drive/Uni Potsdam/CountR/Software/Orbbec/python3.9/Samples/”
[‘C:\Users\admin\My Drive\Uni Potsdam\CountR\Software\Orbbec\python3.9\Samples’, …

I do not have much experience with .pyd files so I do not know what could I be doing wrong.

Any hints?

Short update: tried it in a Linux machine. Followed all steps, similar but different error:

Hi there,
I m not astra owner yet, but can help with python
From traceback error it’s obvious numpy package is not installed.
To be sure start python and import numpy if you have error you can install pip package