Install ubuntu on persee without using windows?

Got a persee, android nivewer works (even talks to an Astra Pro plugged into the USB port, but not to both at once.) However, the whole point of this (for me) was to run ubuntu (boots faster, open, much easier to automate, can push more of my already-linux-based code over to it) so I grabbed the downloads and looked at the instructions… and crashed to a halt - I’ve seen simpler jailbreak procedures, and this is supposed to be how we install a supported operating system?

Are there any plans to simplify this to something like “stick microsd card in with bootable image and hit reset”? If not, can we actually buy these with ubuntu preinstalled? (that doesn’t really help with updates, but it would at least be a starting point.) If not, can we get source and/or specs for the windows side of the installer, so we can figure out what it’s doing and do that from linux instead? (It looked like it was mostly doing ADB operations which are already available on linux…)


The board is RK3288 and you can use the (proprietary) Rockchip flashing tools they released several years ago. The binary file goes around by the name “upgrade_tool” and is available on several sites, but doesn’t seem to be anywhere officially. It’s a bit iffy to use it when you can’t be sure on if it doesn’t do anything nasty. I was able to flash using that tool though. Some instructions are available here Rock/flash the image - Radxa Wiki

It also seems the Rockchip SOCs have a very complicated boot sequence and it’s kind of hard to do the SD card thing.

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