Install Windows 10 on Persee


Is it possible to install Windows 10 on Persee instead of using Android or Ubuntu OS?
I need to install a software that only works with windows on it…

Anyone tried that already?


Salut Daniel,

I don’t believe Windows would even be supported on the Persee’s cpu.

Hi Daniel,

If your software only works on Windows, and the source code for it is not available, then the software is probably only compiled for x86 or x64 (Intel architecture). The Persee is ARM, so even if you could get an ARM version of Windows, it may not be able to run the software directly.

I have heard of Windows x86 programs run on ARM with WINE (The Windows-on-Linux layer) and QEMU (A CPU emulator to translate from x86 to ARM) but the performance is very bad and it sounds painful to set up.

Someone in the OpenPandora community, notaz has also tried statically recompiling Windows games to ARM and then using WINE.

Long story short, it would not be easy.

Hi all,

Thank you for all your quick responses!

Yeah looks like it’s just not going to work. Maybe I’ll do some tests using what @troy proposed but we’ll see!