Installation Astra 3D Scanner on my computer- Problem


I’m Fabrice, a French Podiatrist and i just bought an Astra 3D scanner.

My goal is to scan foot soles and create a .STL or .OBJ file that can be used by my CAD / CAM soles creation software.
I downloaded the driver on the ORBBEC website.
I did a lot of research on the Internet to make the scanner work but impossible.
I tried to do as the installation PDF but it does not work.
The scanner is detected by computer as audio material.
I thought the installation would be simple but that’s not the case.
I tried everything but I can not operate the scanner.
Can somebody can help me, and tell me what to do just to scan and create a .STL and .OBJ file?
My computer is a windows 10, 64 bit.

thanks a lot for your help

Fabrice DOUCET

Bonjour Fabrice
Une fois installé OPenNI2, il vous faut un logiciel pour exploiter le scanner, genre Recfusion. C’est quel scanner? L’AStra ou l’Astra Pro ?

Bonjour Luc, merci pour votre reponse. J’ai commandé l’Astra Pro.
Ou puis je trouver le logiciel pour exploiter le scanner?


J’ai trouvé Recfusion. Desolé, je ne suis pas un expert en informatique. Je vais tester et vous faire un retour.
Encore Merci

Rec fusion coute quand meme 600 euros et j’au trouve cela:
Qu’en pensez vous

Dites-moi si vous avez un souci directement à la boite

Tres bien Merci à vous

Salut Fabrice,

I developed a people counting solution based on the Astra and a raspberry pi a few years ago which I’ve sold commercially.

Your application sounds interesting: I’ll look into it and share anything I learn here with the community.

Je suis au pays basque, donc si vous voudriez qu’on en discute directement, prière de me contacter par



Orbbec offer 3D cameras and could be used for scanning.
You could download the SDK from our website to see the “Documents” including instructions.
It can help you to operate.