Intrinsic camera parameters from Python + Openni2

I came to know the new Orbbec cameras are factory calibrated and that there is no need to do the calibration. I want to access the camera parameters. Is it an OpenNI2 Python to access camera parameter and Point cloud data? PLEASE give a code snippet that shows how to access camera parameter and Point cloud in Python.

def main():
        dev = openni2.Device.open_any()
        depth_stream = dev.create_depth_stream()
        depth_stream.set_video_mode(c_api.OniVideoMode(pixelFormat = c_api.OniPixelFormat.ONI_PIXEL_FORMAT_DEPTH_1_MM, resolutionX = width, resolutionY = height, fps = frameRate))         
        color_stream = dev.create_color_stream()  
        color_stream.set_video_mode(c_api.OniVideoMode(pixelFormat = c_api.OniPixelFormat.ONI_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB888, resolutionX = width, resolutionY = height, fps = frameRate))
        # Register both streams so they're aligned
        while True:
            depth_framedata = depth_stream.read_frame()
            color_frame = color_stream.read_frame()
            # Display depth and color images
            depth_frame = depth_framedata.get_buffer_as_uint16()
            depth_image = np.frombuffer(depth_frame, dtype=np.uint16)
            depth_image.shape = (1, height, width)
            depth_image_display = np.concatenate((depth_image, depth_image, depth_image), axis=0)
            depth_image_display = np.swapaxes(depth_image_display, 0, 2)
            depth_image_display = np.swapaxes(depth_image_display, 0, 1)
            depth_image_display = depth_image_display.astype(np.uint8)

            color_image = np.frombuffer(color_frame.get_buffer_as_uint8(),dtype=np.uint8)
            color_image.shape = (height, width, 3)

            cv2.imshow("Depth Image", depth_image_display)
            color_image_BGR = cv2.cvtColor(color_image, cv2.COLOR_RGB2BGR)
            cv2.imshow("Color Image", color_image_BGR)