IR Frame dot pattern


Does any one know how to turn off the IR dot pattern in the API.

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You can do turn off the IR projector using the OpenNI Extended API. The sample code provides an example how to do it.

Would you please tell me which API is corresponding to the IR projector? I can’t find the way to turn it off… Thanks!

You can find the Extended API here:

The package includes also extensive sample code for controlling the sensor with the Extended API.

Take a look at point 9 in the Orbbec OpenNI Extended API Instruction.pdf, o openni::OBEXTENSION_ID_LASER_EN is what you want to set to 0x00 using device.setProperty where device is your openni::Device.

Thanks for the reply !
However, if I turn off the laser, the IR image will become very dark, and the rescaled IR image has lots of noise.
Is it possible to get a clear IR image without dots?

The IR projector is capable of producing only the structured light pattern. As far as I know, only Astra Mini has an additional IR flood option, which you need to buy and install separately on your own:

However, the provided ambient IR light source isn’t particularly powerful so I wouldn’t expect it to do miracles.

With other sensors you will just have to play with the IR exposure and gain settings and see if you can achieve reasonable trade-off in signal to noise ratio.

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