IR Projected Pattern

I’m getting a really bad projected pattern or “a bunch of dots” on the IR stream. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I’m using the Astra Stereo S U3. I’m confident that it can be done because when I view the stream using a 3rd party library it looks great, no projected pattern, but when I open the stream myself using OpenNI2 via python I get the projected pattern.

I’ve also compiled the Extended API example from the OpenNI2 sdk and it also shows the projected pattern, even after toggling the IR flood property.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think what you are seeing is what is expected. After all the camera projects a dot pattern on the object and that is what you are seeing.While it is possible to get rid of the dots by doing a smoothing operation a better approach would be to get the color image, convert it to gray scale (assuming that you need to see a gray scale image) and display it. If you want to see the depth map, you can access the depth data, normalize it, color code it and then display it.

Hi @kishor_durve thanks so much for responding. While the dot pattern may be expected I’m confident there’s a way to get rid off it without doing any post-process smoothing. I’m using some other software that uses the 3d camera and ir stream and if I start and stop that program (allowing it to adjust the camera settings), I get a very clean image from the ir stream (see below). Unfortunately, I just don’t know what settings are being tweaked.

Thanks again, any insights would be greatly appreciated.

OK. I think the other software is successful in turning ON the flood IR lighting. Sorry - I am not aware how to turn it ON thru’ the ORBBEC SDK.

Right, I agree that they are turning on the IR Flood, but I’m stuck figuring out how to turn it on. If I try and turn it on before running their software, I get an error. If I turn it on after running their software, it seems to work. At that point I’m able to turn it off and on and see the resulting change.

But they must being doing something in addition to turn it on, or possible unlock the setting.

Any ideas?

Btw/ I’m using the OpenNi2 SDK.

If anyone else in the world is trying to figure this out here’s the answer:

You have to first turn off the laser, then turn on the ir flood. I figured this out by playing with the Extended API.