Is body tracking with multiple cameras on a single computer possible?

Hello everyone,
as I was having troubles evaluating the question in the subject and couldn’t find any definite answer on this, I’m trying my luck here to clarify the actual feature set.

We’re evaluating hardware for bodytracking with three (non-overlapping of course) cameras on a single machine, and I have already two Astras at hand.
The trial license works fine as expected, once I enable a second Astra the body would disappear, only when the two cameras are facing the exact same direction some bodies would re-appear, but of course with an expected bad quality as the IR grid overlaps …

In the forums I could only find people having issues from a couple years/months back in different softwares. And checking the FAQ I could only find this:
"Can your sensor be used to measure a full human body dimension?

  • Yes, of course. You can use our sensor in single camera mode or multi-camera mode for full body scanning."
    But to me it’s not obvious what Orbbec’s understanding of a “multi-camera mode” is, neither what “full body scanning” means …
    It could also read that somehow the cameras would start syncing, emitting at a different frequency each and just getting a better coverage of the same tracking volume. Which is a different use case than the one we have: tracking individual bodies for cameras facing different directions on the same machine. Is this possible at all? Am I merely experiencing a bug in the software I was using to evaluate this? Or is it possible, just not with the same empty string trial license for the two cameras?

I hope there’s someone here who can shed some light on this issue.


I’m in contact with the Orbbec support and will share my findings for future reference.