Is my Astra Pro DOA?

Hello Orbbec community:

Just started trying to work with my Astra Pro, and I don’t know if it’s DOA or if I’m doing something stupid.

I’ve installed the Sensor Driver 4.4. The device does appear in Device Manager (both the Astra Pro HD camera and the ORBBEC Depth Sensor).

I can build and run the samples with VS 2015. But when I run SimpleColorViewer or SimpleDepthViewer I get an all-black window. There are no errors in VS Output window and no log messages about the device (just info about threads starting, etc.). But if I do disconnect the Orbbec USB cord while running, it crashes, so I know the software is talking to the device at some level :slight_smile:

Also, there’s no visual indicator when the Orbbec is connected (like an LED on the device). Is there supposed to be?

Are there any prebuilt test applications I can run?


Is there something maybe blocking the proximity sensor ? In that case, try desactiving it : Dropbox - File Deleted

Thanks for the suggestion, but there’s nothing in front of the device. Just to be sure, I did download and run the ldp device. It claims it found a device (VID: 2bc5, PID:403) and then says “Success Open Device.” But same thing when I try to run the VS 2015 samples (black window, no relevant messages in output log).