Joint data from Orbbec

Is the data we get from joint.WorldPosition from Orbbec Astra Pro in millimeter / x and y values in pixels?

For example, the head world position data is (17.273100, 117.064800, 1193.467000):

  1. We know the Z value represents the distance from the sensor to the real head position in millimeters. i.e., 1.19m
  2. What does X and Y represent ? Does Y value represent the height difference between the sensor and the head ? If that’s the case, 117.064800 (11 cm) does not show the real-world height of head from the sensor.
  3. Similarly, does X value show the horizontal difference from the sensor?

Any help would be appreciated.

All distances are in mm. Even X and Y are in mm. X is the horizontal distance from the center of the sensor and Y is the vertical distance. Of course, I am assuming the normal orientation of the camera. Best to put an object (like a box) of known size in front of the sensor and try to make sense of the values.

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