Unity Ver : 2021.3.22f1, 2022.3.32f1
Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK Ver : 1.1.2
Azure Kinect Sensor SDK Ver : 1.4.1
Kinect for Windows SDK Ver : 2.0_1409

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I have an OrbbecSDK_K4A_Wrapper_v1.9.2 and the camera works fine in the k4aViewer. However, I’m facing the following error in the Unity environment:

[LIGHTBUZZ] Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.Exceptions.AzureKinectBodyTrackingCreateException: result = K4A_RESULT_FAILED
at Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.Tracker.Create (Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.Sensor.Calibration calibration, Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.TrackerConfiguration configuration) [0x0002b] in <04c46ecf2c59469e9bbaa02792a33501>:0
at LightBuzz.Kinect4Azure.KinectSensor.Stream () [0x001bc] in :0
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
LightBuzz.Kinect4Azure.Logger:Log (string,LightBuzz.Kinect4Azure.LogType,string)
LightBuzz.Kinect4Azure.KinectSensor:Stream ()
System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback:PerformWaitCallback ()

What steps can I take to solve this problem?

You can try our official Unity project example if it works, and then compare if there are differences between the SDK in your project and ours.

Azure-Kinect-Samples/body-tracking-samples/sample_unity_bodytracking at master · orbbec/Azure-Kinect-Samples · GitHub