Lack of response to questions?

Hi, not sure if it’s just me but I asked a question a week or so ago and keep checking back and looking at other questions there doesn’t seem to be much response from Orrbec?

I’m considering buying a camera for a project but the lack of interaction is beginning to worry me.


Feel you bro. My experience shows that:

  • community is not very alive, many questions are left dead without any response, some are quite well responded (especially questions about just basic topics like outdated links, installations, new SDK’s etc.) as it’s easily visible on forum
  • if you are considering buying a camera think twice which one! I’ve bought Persee and it’s impossible to use it, like just Astra cameras, because it has it’s own computer (which is good and I wanted it) and there are a lot of limits and problems with it (that sucks and I am left without functions, that I wanted to have. I thought if I spend more money for ‘full packet option’ I will be able to use everything, but I can use just a piece of functionallity - it was well told before I bought it, then I found out it’s a lie)
  • as above some details are hidden and they are discovered through using the scanner, many where pointed out on forum. There are missleading informations on the Internet about the product, now many have been deleted, also on forum
  • I’ve found solution to pass Persee and connect Astra to other computer, but I’ve met some problems and there is no help from forum yet
  • accuracy is very low after 2m from scanner (details on foum), but I’m currently working on 3D mapping with Persee and accuracy is so low, that it’s impossible to merge point clouds from many views in one model even whit tools like PCL. My Persee is already not working well (after clean flash Ubuntu there is no way to make samples and old working programs work with any configuration of OpenNI and OpenCV) but when I repair it, I will work on better scanning, denoising etc.
  • Orbbec is responding through emails well

It’s just my experience. Maybe somebody will correct me in some informations, I doubt it, but I would be glad to discuss.

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Thanks, would be good to see if anyone from Orbbec responds?

Hi SteveRB,

Thanks for the feedback. From your past questions, we found that you were looking for the documentation of the Java wrapper of Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta. Since the Astra SDK is a beta release (development in progress), our goal is trying to share new features and improvements faster for our customers to see what the future SDK will be. We can confirm the documention is on the way. However, we have to make sure on the final features before releasing the documentation to avoid confusion. Sorry if this brings any inconvinience for you.
Another exciting news we want to share with you is that the Astra SDK 2.0.8 Beta2 has just been released. This update brings ‘Java and C# APIs updated to match features of C++ API’, which you may find interesting to try. It can be downloaded from our website below.

Hi, thanks for replying but the problem with the astra_jni.dll doesn’t seem to have been solved with the 2.0.8 Beta? It says that the java wrapper has been updated but unless I’m missing something (which is entirely probable!) it’s not working. In the bin directory there isn’t astra_jni.dll and can’t see it in the compliation on git either so where would I find it please?