Lots of zero depth pixels in depth image


I am using the depth frame data to measure the distance of a surface at every pixel and hold that data in an array.

Why is there a lot of pixels which have a value of zero? this is blocks of pixels throughout the image and then a huge chunk of pixels at the end.

secondly, is it possible to set the depth frame to 640 x 480? I am using the unity astra controller class provided in the sample and then receiving this data into my own scripts for processing, it seems to be set in that class to 320 x 240 however if I change this it doesn’t return a depth frame.

thanks in advance.

Ive tested this in very low light and under lots of artificial light and daylight and the result is the same, it appears to be the same pattern of pixels that return 0 depth every time, and there is always thousands of pixels at the end that are 0, lets say around 1/8th of the total image

There are some known firmware errors in the orbbec cameras that lead to dead pixels on one edge of the frame -