Low FPS when running Openni2 SimpleRead in Linux with Orbbec3D Astra


I’ve tested Orbbec3D Astra both in Ubuntu 14.04 and RaspberryPI2 using the OpenNI2 sample called SimpleRead. The program outputs the time stamps together with the depth reading of the received frames. Based on this information, the received frames-per-second is around 17-18. With the same computer and SimpleRead executable I get 30FPS when using Primesense sensor.

The same happens also in RaspberryPi2. With Primsense, I get 30FPS, but only ~17FPS with Orbbec3D Astra. What could be the reason for this? The depth data looks good otherwise.


Hi NordTrack,
Sorry for hijacking your thread, but it sounds like you got the Astra running on Ubuntu 14.04. I could use your help getting it running here as well: Linux SDK & Hardware Support

Once I have the camera working, I’ll try to provide some helpful feedback on this thread as well.

Got it working, too (see above linked thread for details).

@NordTrack how did you evaluate the FPS? Looking at the output of SimpleRead I counted the 17~18 frames per second as well, but then again that number I expect to represent the seconds, does not fully match a second. A bit too fast of my taste. So I’m guessing the FPS would be above 17, but still below 30.

Nice. I just counted from the time stamps. I also replaced Orbbec3d Astra with a Primesense camera and the same sample code works with it as well. Only difference is that with Primesense, you can count 29-30 samples per each second. I don’t know if the time stamp comes from the camera itself or is it created on the laptop after receiving the data. Anyhow, there is a clear difference between in the amount of samples received between Orbbec and Primesense camera.

It seems to me that the actual number of frames per second is 29-30, as with the Primesense sensor. The timestamp given by the Orbbec OpenNI2 driver, on the other hand, is wrong and leads to the wrong conclusion that the FPS is 17-18. We have measured the actual frame rate by counting the frames and comparing with a real time clock, which gave 29-30 frames per second.

Hi all,

It seems that the same side-effect occurs when using Win7. Frame rate is wrong etc. Nevetheless, this appears to happen only when I save to .oni. That is, only the recorded data have 17-18 fps.

Will developers correct the timestamp issue please?

How to run the Openni2 SimpleRead in Linux with OrBBec3D