Move to WIn10 x64 target machine,detect no device?

I use VS2017 to create an app base on OPENNI SDK, generate a release version then move it to the target machine. My PC is Win10 x64 and the target machine is too. App work well on my own PC. The sensor driver version is
However, my .exe file can run, no error, but it can’t detect any device. But I already install the sensor driver and move Redist files to the right path. Is there anybody know how to solve this problem?
I tried several Win10 x64 PC with sensor driver, no error but detect no device. If I compile another camera related app use VS on those PC once, my app will run correctly. Maybe when I compile a project, it could generate something on somewhere, but I don’t know.
I also try on several Win7 x64 PC, on Win7, my app also works well.
Anyone know what the problem is?