Multiple Astra sensor

I wanted to know if it’s possible to have 2 or more Astra sensors depth and color streams running in the same application?
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I´m also very interested in this topic. Does anyone have already experience in connecting multiple cameras to one computer? With the xtion I know it was possible with specific hardware configurations.

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I’m using 3 Astra S with an i5 and I’m facing some issues probably related to bandwith or cpu consumption. Because cpu is quite busy and only for images acquisition it takes 95% when with only one it uses 20%.

I’m using one camera in an usb2.0 bus and the other 2 in the same usb3.0 bus.

Astra SDK v0.5.0 is out and includes a MultiSensorViewer-SFML sample to demonstrate how to stream data from multiple Astra sensors simultaneously.

Whenever I run MultiSensorViewer-SFML I don’t get any feed or any information . Please do let me know if any other information or any configuration is required.

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Please help me . I need to access multiple sensors and can’t find the right way . Hope to hear from you soon.
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I’m currently trying to use 3 astras on the same machine, for a project.
I already noticed a substancial drop on the FPS when i plugged a second one, going from 60fps to 30/35fps.

But now i’m trying to use a third one, my app barely runs at 10fps…
Time profiler says 70% of the time is spent in the “update” call.

Any hint on this would be really helpfull.


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I tested 2 sensors on same computer. Everything works well, but there is quite big distortion caused by interference between 2 and more sensors (I expected it). I want more sensor with overlaping field of view for my application. Kinect2 has this feature even though it is not able to handle more than 1 sensor on 1 computer. Please, is there any way how to solve this problem ? Is Astra built to handle more than 1 sensor without significant distortion? Thank you for your help

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What was specs of the PC hardware and is it on windows or Ubuntu?

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