Nearest point sample

So I have the basic functionality working with the astra sdk, all samples work and I’ve run some tests with the depth stream which work perfectly.

I am now trying to create a ‘nearest point’ sample application.
Basically just print the x,y and z coordinates of the nearest point.

I can access the pointstream data and iterate over all 307.200 points included in the data.
I just can’ t seem to find a ‘nearest’ point. If I print the coordinate with the lowest Z value (which is not 0) It seems to be stable around a value of around 850 no matter how I move around.
Anyone have an idea how to create such a sample?

This is my code to print the nearest point once I have access to a pointFrame:

  if (pointFrame.is_valid())
  	int width = pointFrame.width();
  	int height = pointFrame.height();
  	int frameIndex = pointFrame.frame_index();
  	const astra::Vector3f* data =;
  	int nearestPointZ = 9000;
  	const astra::Vector3f* nearestPoint = data;
  	for (int i = 0; i < pointFrame.length(); i++)
  		const astra::Vector3f* dataPoint = data + i;
  		if (dataPoint->z > 0 && dataPoint->z < nearestPointZ) {
  			nearestPoint = dataPoint;
  	std::cout << "x: " << nearestPoint->x
  		<< ", y: " << nearestPoint->y
  		<< ", z: " << nearestPoint->z
  		<< std::endl;

you forgot to set nearestPointZ to the Z-value of the new found point.

Yes, thank you!
You are right, stupid mistake.
It works now.
(if anyone is interested, I added nearestPointZ = dataPoint->z; below nearestPoint = dataPoint)