Need help with Ubuntu 16.04 on FireFly RK3399

I have downloaded and unzipped the Arm64 SDk and and i believe all that worked fine.

Then i downloaded and have unzipped the Astra SDK or Ubuntu 16.04 and whenever i go to install the it say just one sentence and then done. and it suggests i add a couple lines of export " " to my .bashrc

I am not that familiar with Linux so maybe its an easy fix but whenever i go to use NiViewer it says
One or more of the following nodes could not be enumerated:
Device: Primesense/SensorV2/ The device is not connected.

I have looked all over for a solution but a lot of links seem to be too old and dont work. Please help thanks a ton!

Also i found if i go into the OpenNi and right click and execute NiViewer the screen goes to the camera and is really laggy (but progress it didnt do anything before) but whenever i type NiViewer into a terminal it still says the device not connected from my original post.

Also does the NiViewer or anything have a GUI? or do u manipulate settings and stuff through ROS?

Try running NiViewer with

sudo ./NiViewer

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