New Gemini 335L Camera

I just got a Gemini 335L camera and I am using it under Windows 11 with the latest Orbbec SDK and on a Core i9 high performance system. If you run the SDK’s AlignFilterViewer project, it aligns the color and depth image but with a serious lag. It looks like a half second long delay before the depth image matches the color image. Just wave your hand in front of the camera to see the problem. It is enough to let me know that you see the problem.

A second problem: I would like to collect the left and right images at the same time as the color and depth images. This does not appear to be possible. There is no example demonstrating this capability - just DoubleInfraredView to collect left/right images and AlignFilterViewer to see both color and depth. I wrote a small app that configures color and depth as well as left and right images and the depth data never appears. It would be enough to just tell me that this is expected behavior.

Bob Davies

By reducing the framerate, I am able to get all 4 images - color, pointcloud, left and right images. I was attempting to run 60 fps (for color) with my initial tests which were at 1280x720. When I reduced the framerate to 5 fps, the depth and color are aligned without much lag and the left and right images appeared - all at 640x480. When I increased the framerate to 15 fps at 640x480, the lag was quite apparent. I expect to share my code in a Github repo after a few more days of testing after I get the camera intrinsics and gyro data.

The bottom line is that the camera’s internal processor (FPGA?) is not up to the task but that is ok. It will no doubt be improved hopefully with just a firmware update. The camera was only released a month ago so it is early days.

Bob Davies