Newbie questions... help?

Hi, sorry if these are redundant questions answered elsewhere - I can’t find a search feature in this forum.

  1. Is there a search feature in this forum to see if my questions have been answered elsewhere?

  2. I’ve hooked up an Astra in Windows 7 machine, but can’t seem to run the OpenNI NiViewer. It says no “devices are found.” I’ve installed it and uninstalled it and re-installed it several times now in several USB ports and can’t get the depth sensor to show up as an imaging device. It always wants to be its own thing listed under “Orbbec” in Device Manager, not under Imaging Devices. Is that the problem? If so, how do I fix it?

  3. Is there an easy way to just view the color camera? Does it provide an rtsp stream or anything like that?