NiTE2 support for Orbbec Astra

Hey guys! I got a Orbbec Astra, and I am using it under windows with openNI2. It works fine with that. I want to do some skeleton tracking using OpenNI NiTE2 package ( However, it fails when the NiTE tries to initialize at the very beginning. I wonder if the Astra camera is supported by NiTE2?Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, NiTE2’s EULA license forbids non-PrimeSense devices to be used:

From the EULA:

b. You are not allowed to utilize the NITE with content that is not appropriate for viewing by a general audience or that directs users to such content, which includes, without limitation, that which: (a) promotes pornography and/or adult sexual, obscene, hate, or otherwise offensive or illegal content; (b) promotes violence or use of illegal substances; (c) promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; (d) violates any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation, is libelous, or promotes hate, crime or other illegal activities; (e) otherwise violates intellectual property rights; (f) results in legal liability for PrimeSense; (g) routes or relays users through servers that You do not have explicit authorization to use; and/or (h) is considered by PrimeSense, in its discretion, to compete directly or indirectly with the NITE and or the Authorized Hardware.

c. You shall not (and shall not permit third parties to): (a) integrate the NITE with any products other than the Authorized Hardware; (b) distribute the NITE in any manner; (c) use or make available the NITE pursuant to an open source license; (d) modify the NITE; or (e) change, obscure or delete any proprietary notices or legends which appear in the NITE. You understand and agree that under no circumstances will You (or will You allow distributors, resellers or agents to) distribute stand-alone copies or versions of the NITE.

The NiTE2 library will only initialize for PrimeSense-based devices identifiers (ASUS Xtion, Kinect V1, Carmine, etc). Unfortunately, this legally and technically prohibits us from offering NiTE support. However, we are aware of the need for NiTE2-like functionality, and are actively pursuing a quality replacement.

Got it, thanks! And I am looking forward to your upcoming skeleton-tracking module.

  • Alex