NiViewer can not provide RGB frame

Hello everyone and Astra developing team.
Thanks good devices.

I could’t not see color RGB frame When I use NiViewer of OpenNI from Orbbec to see depth and color image.
I typed command as below.
$ cd opt/astra/2-Linux/OpenNI-Linux_x64-2.3/Tools
$ ./NiViewer
then, I get an warning and window as below.
I can get depth image but can’t get RGB image on NiViewer.
Warning: USB events thread - failde to set priority. This might cause loss of data...
How can I solve it.
Thanks in advance.

First of all that warning it’s absolutely normal, nothing to do with your issue, it’s beacause OpenNI tries to set the priority of USB async thread to critical, but without root privileges this is not possible…Anyway which camera are you using? If you are using a camera different than Astra (Astra Pro or Persee for example) you won’t be able to access the RGB from OpenNI, this feature is only available for Astra.


I had a similar problem. The sample viewer program (SimpleColorViewer-SFML.vcxproj) show just a black screen.

If the OpenNI won’t be showing the RBG video stream, is there any known way I could access it from Astra Pro or Persee?

Thank you in advance.