No Response on Body Tracking License

Hello to all the Orbbec Developers.

I have sent an e-mail and also asked here in the forum for a body tracking license and it seems like Orbbec team is not interested in providing any information.

No information about trial license.
No information about Professional license.

I think the motive behind this forum is not getting fulfilled.

It’s been almost 45 days and there is no response about my query.

I hope this post makes my concern clear enough for Orbbec team.

We need some active support from the technical/business team for our work. We do not buy products just to look at them. We want to use them. If we have some information about the product, we can transmit and that will reduce the workload of Orbbec developers significantly.

Orbbec Team must understand that we, outsiders who use the product are real asset for them.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Prasanna,

Sorry if we missed your post. Regarding the Body Tracking SDK license request, we suggest to email us at If the email has already been sent to us, our representative will get back to you shortly.


Hello Jackson,
Thanks for the quick reply. I have sent an e-mail to ‘Brad’ and he said that he will be able to provide but he did not mention when.

Waiting for the license desperately.


Due to ambiguity of the license, I have moved my efforts to using the NuiTrack SDK.
It seems to work at least as well as the Astra SDK. There is a license fee for NuiTrack, but it also works with other cameras, (I want to use Orbbec and Intel RealSense D435 cameras).

Nuitrack has blown the orbbec sdk out of the water on every test we have run to date - and the sdk is well thought out and organised - even if the documentation has been slow catching up.