Noise in depth frame with Astra

I’m looking for a suitable substitutes for Asus Xtion Pro Live camera for my applications, basically I already have application that uses OpenNI2 and would like to replace the camera.
I use the camera in top view at 3.5m. This is the depth frame I get using NiViewer, 320x240 1mm.

As you can see, there is a lot of noise at the edges of every object/people… I don’t have this kind of noise using Asus Xtion. Is there anything I can do to overcome this issue? I’ve already tried to filter the noise estimating the pixel value using some techniques, but the black are is too wide to do this in this case. This test has been conducted using Astra and NiViewer from the OpenNI2 package for Linux provided in the page
Using the SDK, would I have better results? In that case I would switch from OpenNI to the SDK…but I think it’s just a matter of algorithm the camera uses to compute the depth… probably the Asus uses some kind of advanced filter. Anyone can confirm?
Thank you

Issue and fix (only for the ros driver) here: Faulty depth measurements near object edges · Issue #7 · orbbec/ros_astra_camera · GitHub

As far I understand, the binary package of OpenNI downloaded from Orbbec website (which is what I am using now), already contains the filter… isn’t it?