Not a JPEJ file

hi please anyone can help me … I am using ros-astra-camera on ubuntu 20.04 i followed the steps in the github link GitHub - orbbec/ros_astra_camera: ROS wrapper for Astra camera, the depth and the ir are working well but for the image_raw i have the camera frame like this

and when I am running rqt_image_view iam getting this error Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x0a 0x29
Couldn’t convert frame to RGB: Unknown error (-99), when i checked the rostopic list i saw the camera/rgb/image_raw but not messages are published please if u can help me i will appreciate it

Hi, what is your camera and SN?

Hello Nathan:

I have been able to get the Astro Pro PLus working by looking in the SDK.
In the SDK that is downloadable from the Orbbec site, Orbbec_OPenNI_v2.3…zip
In this SDK I discovered in the ThirdParty folder there was a library example using libuvc. I was able to compile this project and get it working on Linux with the Astro Pro Plus.

I subsequently went and researched libuvc, discovered the git repository and with the libuvc sample, I was able to get streaming Color 1808P picture frames.

Sorry for the late response, Christmas break.