Offline Depth Frame data processing with Stream recorder

Hello All,
is there a way to create a bag file of depth data and process that for coding and testing purpose.

I would like record Astra Data and then acess that frame by frame (basically the Depth Data) just like we access RGB video for image processing.

I would be very much happy if this can be done. I don’t have to connect the sensor all the time when I want to test the code.



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You can record bag file with Intel Realsense Viewer app. Please find and check details at Realsense GitHub repo.
But Astra SDK is not able to playback bag file I guess.
And somehow bag file from Realsense is very big. For example 1.5GB for 10 sec recordings.
Nuitrack SDK supports bag file playback and oni file playback.

Is it something like the data from different sensor may not be same. I think a 30 second recording would be enough for testing. but would I be able to use coordinate mapper and other Astra SDK functionalities?


At least you can playback oni file with openNI.
But with OpenNI, you can not use skeleton track.

I try to find how to playback oni file with Astra SDK.

For recording, you can use NiViewer.

Hi Hiro,
Thanks for the suggestion. There is an applicatin of recording streams.

That is " Orbbec Astra Stream recorder ". It was there in earlier versions but now they have not included it.

Hope someone puts some light in to this issue.