Only one 16:9 image mode for color stream?

We are using the Orbbec Persee within Unity using 2.0.9 Beta3.

It appears that there is only a single image mode color the color stream that is fit for 16:9 aspect. The only available is 1280x720 30fps. Are there no other 16:9 resolutions to pick from?

Additionally, the 1280x720 30fps image mode appears to kill performance in our application. We are running far below 15 FPS. When going down to 640x480 or 320x240 performance are no problem. We are not doing anything special with this color stream, we are simply just displaying them.

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In orbbec products page, it seems can be used to 30fps at 1280X720 resolution but it doesn’t.
2.0.9 Beta3 SDK can support only 10fps or 5fps at 1280X720 color image.
Even if use WebcamTexutre class of unity, it works same fps.
However, color camera of astra pro which is same to persee works at 30fps in windows camera app.
So, if you want use 30fps, you must use 4:3 resoluation sadly.
I think it isn’t problem of device but I don’t know if this is problem of SDK or Unity.
Thank you.

Hi, FreakingPro! Can you tell me how you run camera in mode with 320x240 resolution?

You can find it in “AastraController” script.
Use ctrl + f to find “targetColorWidth” variable.
Set “targetColorWidth” variable to 320 and “targetColorHeight” variable to 240.
Last, play demo scene.

I checked the nuitrack config, but didn’t find “AastraController” section (((

Sorry, I don’t know how to work it in nuitrack :frowning:
It is just answer for Astra SDK 2.0.9 Beta3.
You can ask him.

Thanks for reply!

We are changing the resolutions within AstraController.cs. Just like @younger explained. I sadly don’t have any experience with nuitrack so I can’t help you there either.

Hi everyone.
Any one knows if I’m capable of changing Orbbec Persee rotation from Landscape to portrait?
I want to change the output for my tv, not just turning the device 90Âş