OpenCV namedWindow function and Orbbec SDK - CLOSED

Hi all!

I’m starting to hand on the Orbbec SDK with a Persee +.

I noted that inside the example SaveToDisk is included the opencv library, which is probably the most used for computer vision and I’m trying to bypass most of the Orbbc SDK functions preferring the use of OpenCV’s functions because they are more supported.

I’m trying to display the on the screen the video of the depth camera using opencv namedWindow function, but it does not work.
The wierdest thing is that I don’t receive any error during build and runtime, it just does not open the window.

Have you ever tried to use namedWindow on Persee+? Did you faced my same issue?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Edit: I’m a dumb, I just forgot a break for the loop code.