OpenNI Changelog

OpenNI has been updated from to but I could not find any change log.
Does anyone know what has changed in version ?


Hi G,

Here’s what I could find buried in the docs. Not sure if it’s a complete list or if there are missing releases:

API Changelog

What's New


v2.3.0.66 2020/12/31

1 Support selinux, solve the security permission restriction problem of Android system.

2 Release the NIViewer's Android source code.

3 Fix some bugs,include LDP problem of some module.


v2.3.0.65 2020/10/15

1 Support Astra+;

2 Add fan switch interface for Astra+;

3 Add RGB SN interface for Astra+,so we can use this interface to read SN of RGB;

4 Add cross cargo module;

5 Add interface that return resolution list based on PID.


v2.3.0.63 2020/04/15 First version ready for external use.