openni::CoordinateConverter.convertDepthToColor returns error code


I have implemented a test program which is capable of determining the location of an openni2 camera in a room.
This program uses the CoordinateConverter in openni to convert coordinates between the depth image and the color image and works fine for the Xtion Pro.
When I run this program with an Orbbec Astra S, the CoordinateConverter always returns an error code.
(depth and color stream work fine in the same application).

Is the CoordinateConverter not implemented in the Orbbec OpenNI driver ?

When running the following code on for the Xtion Pro and the Orbbec, I obtain following output:
Orbbec status: 1 x:320->0 y:240->0
PS1080 status : 0 x : 160->162 y : 120->122

I work on a Windows 10 x64 system.

#include < OpenNI.h >
#include < iostream >

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

openni::Device dev;;

openni::VideoStream depth;
depth.create(dev, openni::SENSOR_DEPTH);

openni::VideoStream color;
color.create(dev, openni::SENSOR_COLOR);

int x = depth.getVideoMode().getResolutionX() / 2;
int y = depth.getVideoMode().getResolutionY() / 2;

openni::CoordinateConverter converter;

int colorX = 0;
int colorY = 0;
openni::Status sts = converter.convertDepthToColor(depth, color, x, y, 1000, &colorX, &colorY);

std::cout << dev.getDeviceInfo().getName() << " status: " << sts << " x:" << x << "->" << colorX << " y:" << y << "->" << colorY << std::endl;


I have the same problem using Java.Do you got any solution for that?