OpenNI + OpenCV

I’m the beginner in using orbbec astra and I have just few knowledge in c++. My goal is to detect markers detached in human body, and get depth information from orbbec astra for patients movement analysis. Therefore I want to use OpenCV library to detect markers, Is there anyone can help me how to use openCV library with Openni library? Here is the spec of my computer and developing environment

Windows 10 64 bit
Visual Studio 2015
OpenCV 3.4.1

Thanks in advance!

You can likely use OpenCV directly with the OrbBec 2.x sdk

  • its an easier path than trying to deal with openNi as well.
    At the end of the day all you want to do is hand frames to OpenCV.
    Use the SDK to get the frames.


How would you get the frames using the SDK?