OpenNI property IDs of the Astra Pro

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I’m using OpenNI to communicate with several Astra Pro sensors. The openni::Device class provides a isPropertySupported(int propertyID) function. I used it, to scan the whole int32 value range for supported properties. As a result I received
0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 276881409, 276881410, 276881411, 276881412, 276881413, 276881414, 276881415, 276885505, 276885506, 276885508, 276885509, 276885510, 276885511, 276885512, 276889349, 276889459, 276889460, 276889461, 276889462, 276889463, 276889464, 276889465, 276889466, 276889467, 276889468, 276889469, 276889470, 276889471, 276889472, 276889473, 276889474, 276889475, 276889476, 276889477, 276889478, 276889479, 276889480, 276889481, 276889482, 276889483, 276889484, 276889485, 276889486, 276889487, 276889488, 276889489, 276889490
these numbers.

Does anyone know, what each property does and what type it is?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m not sure, where is it located in OpenNI2 library sources itself, but you can find all parameters in python bindings for openni - OpenNi-Python/ at 4a0731a1f76011260b0c044922e8d20ccb61adb6 · leezl/OpenNi-Python · GitHub


Thanks a lot! I found some of them in several header files but the whole collection is really nice.

I’m stuck again… I’m trying to disable the IR emitter using these properties but I can’t get it working. Everytime I’m getting one of the properties (line 288 in Python code)
I get the value 52428 (read as ushort). I also tried to read it as char and int but the result is the same.

Does anybody know how to dis- and enable the emitter?

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I have the same problem with switching on/off the emitter. Is there a working example for this?

Hi JWi3B3,

This is Jackson from Team Orbbec. According to your inquiries, we suppose that you are developing a multi-camera scanning project. Please refer to the link below for the tool we have for multi-camera support, which includes the function of switching on/off the emitter.




Hi Jackson,

yes, I’m developing a multicamera system. Thank you for the link.
I hope that in the future there is a laser switch functionality in the astra library.

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